It's always a priority.

The lights are out, the kids are sleeping and there it is... the thing that goes bump in the night!  Instantly turn on flood and interior lights, activate sirens and display camera images on your TV and smartphone.

We can integrate with your alarm and surveillance systems as well as z-wave enabled devices (door locks, etc.) and ensure the safety of you and your family.  Did you forget to turn on the alarm?  No problem, simply fire up the app on your iPhone, check the status of the alarm panel, and arm the house!

We can also design and install full video surveillance systems to protect your home and your family!

We use quality systems from DSC and Honeywell and can provide system monitoring through a North American call centre.

When paired with a home automation system such as URC Total Control, your security and surveillance systems can trigger events in your home from turning on all lights in the even of an alarm trigger to simply turning on the front hall light when you come in the door if the system is armed, all done automatically.

Serving the GTA with Home Automation and Home Entertainment done right. We will make your home a Smart Home.